Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Strength vs. Smarts? Brain vs. Brawn? They Can Work Together!

The cartoon panel below makes its joke on the basis of there being a huge difference between physical and mental exercise, but, in fact, the two should always work closely together!

It's a terrible (and antiquated) myth that those into exercise and/or bodybuilding are not heavy on smarts. In fact, using knowledge and experience in your pursuit of health and fitness is a must when reaching for your goals!

Be smart in all activity. Be aware of your overall goals and what it takes to achieve them.

Bring along a friend or "spotter" when exercising, at home or in the gym. A friend (or trainer) can advise you on proper form and movement, helping to avoid injury and stress on the body.

A trainer can also explain, when working out, what body portion is being exercised at a given time, and how it is being worked. He (or she) can help explain the uses and movements of the various weight machines and devices at a gym, also!

Never try to be a superhero, or "show off" in the gym, or when using weights or machines. Fitness is not a contest, and I've witnessed so many folks hurt themselves trying to lift that much more weight, or perform a flashy (but silly) move! Know your limits and personal "safety zones!"

Eat (and drink) right. Educate yourself on the fuels your body needs to be at its best! A personal trainer can also advise on such meaty matters!

Get plenty of rest! Sleep plays an important role in health and exercise recovery!

So, education does go hand-in-hand with fitness, your body, and your health! 

Stay strong and smart!

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