Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It's All About--Moderation!

Here's an interesting article (click here) all about one man's terrible kidney problems being caused by drinking excessive amounts of iced tea!

I admit it. I drink a ton of tea on a daily basis! Sure, it's nowhere near this man's staggering sixteen cups of 8-ounce teas, but…

This brings up a perfect moment to talk about food, diet, and…moderation.

You've heard it before. "Everything in moderation." But, that's so true when trying to follow a realistic diet that works for you!

Why do most diets fail? They simply aren't realistic. To think you can live off of celery and water for the rest of your life is silly. We all crave snack foods from time to time, so…

Here's the trick: If you like eating, say, eight Oreo cookies a night, try cutting back that amount and making it four cookies. You drink two beers in an evening? Try to make it one every other evening. You eat out at a restaurant four times a week? Try to make it two.

Not only does this help you cut down on empty calories and fat (and feel like you're not denying yourself anything), but you still satisfy the cravings for these foods and drinks, satiating the mental and emotional needs for them, in a way an all-celery diet won't.

So, be firm, but realistic, when it comes to exercise and diet!

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