Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summertime in the Park! Come Exercise With Us!

With summer upon us (finally), it was a great time for me to train some clients in a wonderful nearby sunny park! Click below to view some of the fun!

Above: We always start with a nice warm-up!

Above: Some reverse leg extensions 
for firming the hamstrings and rear!

Above: Now for some bicep curls (for firming
those upper arms) using resistance bands!

Above: Now we're working the 
triceps, the back of the arms!

Above: Some powerful "punch outs" for 
working the abs, obliques, and core! HIT ME!

Above: Some overhead presses, using light
weights, to firm up the shoulders!

Above: Good work! Now for the cool-down! 
Come join us next time!

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