Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Feeling Down? Try Exercise!

With today's announcement of the death of actor Robin Williams, a shocking number of FaceBook friends are detailing their own battles with depression, discussing the use of anti-depression medications, and what works and what doesn't, when dealing with this crippling affliction.

One possible remedy, that many find to be very effective in battling depression? Exercise.

Stop rolling your eyes. It's true!

In addition to the usual benefits of the general stress-relieving aspects of exercise, regular activity can release "feel-good" brain chemicals (neurotransmitters and endorphins) that may ease depression, create general relaxation, and reduce immune system chemicals that can worsen depression!

Further benefits include: boosting self-confidence and overall self-worth, enjoying a healthy coping activity (as opposed to turning to alcohol, or dwelling on your worries), and even the addition of social interaction (just walking or jogging outdoors may result in meeting other like-minded folks)...

And, of course, "exercise" can mean a simple walk around the block, taking the stairs, parking your car a bit further from your workplace or grocery store..

Add a bit of exercise today! See if you don't start feeling better, physically and mentally, after the first few weeks! Once you add exercise to your daily life, you'll find that you begin to look forward to it! 


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