Saturday, April 11, 2015

Slow-Fading Fast Food? The Burger That Wouldn't Die? What's YOUR Opinion?

Take a look at this (link here) recent article on the amounts of preservatives added to fast foods, and whether or not they add to the "artificial" nature of such consumables...

Sure, we know this kind of food can be convenient, affordable, and tasty, but we also know it all just basically consists of empty calories, offering no real nutritional value.

Plus, when you take into account the added sugar, salt, and chemicals…It's just not a good idea to make a regular diet of this kind of food.

Tine to confess. I probably eat "outside food" more than I should. It's the usual story. They're "on the way," and convenient once lunchtime rolls around. About three times a week, I find myself at McAllister's,or a steak house.

But, what do I order? If I do have an occasional burger, I order the smallest one available, with only added ketchup and pickles! My side item? Broccoli. Usually.

At places such as McAllister's? I try to grab a simple BLT (with light amounts of bacon), or a turkey sandwich, with fruit as my side.

So, what is your stand on fast food? How often do you eat it, or buy it for your family?

Confess! I did! 

It's ok. We all do it. The idea is to only do it only occasionally, with an eye toward more healthy eating on a regular basis!

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