Sunday, November 8, 2015

Healthy Cereal Update! Eat Up!

As regular readers of this blog know, I devoured (!) the interesting YEAR OF NO SUGAR book, and found myself similarly inspired to read and inspect food labels more and more, on the lookout for added processed sugar in said foodstuffs..

Lo and behold, that stuff really is everywhere. Even in my beloved "healthy" cereals, like Special K! Say it ain't so!

In my search for truly healthy cereals that don't taste like week-old soggy cardboard boxes, I came up with these great alternatives, mostly from the venerable Kashi and Cascadian Farm folks! Look below to see some of my newly-discovered preferred cereals!

Very few calories or fat grams per serving…Lots of fiber, low sodium, almost all organic ingredients...

Best of all, each truly tastes sweet (thanks to cane syrup or real cane sugar), is hearty and filling, and doesn't load you up with icky articifical flavors, colors, and processed sugar! If you're like me (heaven help you), you can even mix-and-match 'em! I kinda like that.

Only downside? The contents are slight, and the prices (comparatively) high on these cereals.

But, contrast that to the cost of sky-high medical bills that a poor diet may project into your future, and….

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