Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sugar Over-Consumption! The Same as Alcoholism?! It CAN Be!

I'm currently obsessed with this new book, YEAR OF NO SUGAR.

I first thought this would be one of these super "touchy-feely" books, written by an off-the-grid extreme vegan dieter, but  it's not.

The book crosses Morgan Spurlock's gonzo pop journalism style, with the middle-class wit of Erma Bombeck, as it exposes how sugar (and its spin-off, high fructose corn syrup) is in everything. I mean everything.

What once was seen as a rare (and expensive) spice is now used as the basic baking ingredient in everything from cereals, drinks, bread, and even salad dressings!

Also addressed is just how the current over-consumption of sugar affects the body, specifically the over-worked liver, leading often to a condition called non-alchoholic fatty liver disease. NAFLD leaves the liver in the same shape as seen with alcoholism…An astounding one in four Americans have NAFLD.

You'll be shocked.

My current infatuation with this book coincides with a sugar cut-back in my own life. I just now returned from a local grocery store, where I tasked myself to check the cereal aisle, with an eye toward label-gazing.

Wow. Even my once-beloved Special K (recall my earlier post?) lists sugar as its 2nd ingredient. As did unfrosted Corn Flakes, most granola-based cereals, rice and wheat Chex, even that perennial "healthy" fave, Kix!

What's a person to do?

Again, I'm all about moderation (as is the YEAR OF NO SUGAR author, Eve O. Schaub), so it's unrealistic to think you'll be able to avoid added processed sugar completely, so just be aware and educated! Read those labels! Watch added sugar (even under its many "aliases," such as dried cane syrup, invert sugar, molasses, sucrose, brown rice syrup, honey, and maple syrup), look out for high fructose sugar, and play it as smart and safe as you can! Just stay awake and aware!

Add some exercise to that above prescription, and you end up as a healthy and happy camper!

You're already sweet enough.

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