Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hit the Gym and--Become a Super-Hero?!

Here's a great new article from the pages of SUPERHEROES UNLEASHED, a new magazine chock-a-block full of articles on the latest comics movies and events! Come along as one brave man decides to plunge into the world of fitness, and soon realizes it's not as tough as it seemed! He (like most who make the decision to add fitness to their lives) quickly sees his new regimen is far more rewarding (and even addictive) than he ever suspected! Click each image below to enlarge!

Above: Notice how our newcomer is surprised with the focus on his back
 and legs, since "people rarely see those parts of my body…" You'll find
 that most folks ignore leg and back workouts for that same reason!
Not smart! It's good to engage in a completely well-rounded fitness
and workout plan!

Above: Notice how, once his healthy journey has begun, his attitudes
change for the better! Not just about exercise, but about food, his body's
 needs, his relationship with his wife, interests, his life and habits (during and

after this exercise experiment), even those around him! "I am surprised not 
to feel envy. I feel superior."

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