Sunday, December 28, 2014

"The Superhero Fitness Plan?" Oddball 1976 Marvel Comics Exercise Book!

Take a look at this odd piece of merchandise! Created in 1976 by the Marvel Comics folks, this big book features a ton of illustrations of Marvel's superheroes, all performing different exercises!

What's wrong with a book that might have gotten young folks interested in fitness?

Not a thing!

Except, some of the exercise routines show bad form and could even be dangerous!

Take a peek at some excerpts below!

Above: The Hulk should have his knees bent, his feet flat
on the floor, in order to support the lower back!

Above image: I know the Hulk isn't the smartest hero around, but
you should never perform a sit-up with straight legs! The proper bent-leg
position is essential, to avoid undue stress on the lower back muscles and spine!

Above: This should be called a "spinal stretch" exercise, and you should
have a soft mat beneath your butt, whether it's made of rocks or not! 

Above: Your guess is as good as mine...