Friday, August 21, 2015

Who (or What) Keeps You Accountable?

Many folks hire me, as an in-home personal trainer, to keep them accountable to their health and fitness goals. That is, they know if they have somebody come to them, at an appointed time, they'll stick to their schedule and promises! Without that, some people begin making excuses to themselves, and, soon,  their workouts (and original goals) fall by the wayside.

But, take a look at this interesting article, about a dad who pledged to get in better shape, in reaction to his 12-year-old son's return from a devastating coma, and his following recovery efforts

It's amazing what can inspire us, and keep us motivated. 

A loved one who needs us. 

A trade created for the benefit of all parties.

A gesture or a smile meant to show full support.

Who (or what) is keeping you going? Keeping you accountable ?

Who are you cheering on?

Photo: Reddit

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