Friday, July 4, 2014

No Room For Workouts?

I hear it all the time.

"I'd love to get a full workout, but have no time to get to the gym, and there's just no room at home for bulky workout machines or rows of free weights and barbells! What do I do?"

No worries. Today's fitness choices seem almost limitless, compared to the "old days" of nothing but heavy weights and massive machines.

For an effective workout that can be done anywhere, in  a small amount of space, try using resistance or exercise bands. These colorful and fun bands can be used for almost any resistance exercise, are lightweight, and can be packed away to travel with you anywhere! No room for bicep curls with heavy weights? Secure the middle end of a band beneath your feet, adjust for the amount of resistance you want, and curl away! 
Above: Resistance bands being used for bicep curls!

Use the same set-up (as described above) for lunges (what used to be called "deep knee bends"), for added resistance during the upward movement.

Above: Standing lunges being performed, using resistance bands!

You can also lie on your back (or take a seated position) with a band secured under the top of the foot, for some nice calf stretches. You can even use bands for a good old-fashioned chest and pec stretch, stretching the bands horizontally across the chest to work the shoulders, chest,and back muscles.
Above: Using resistance bands for calf stretches!

Most bands are available anywhere, and come in colors that correspond to the resistance level. The can even be combined in a workout, in order to give you the desired resistance!

But bands aren't the only popular in-home exercise item out there!  The fairly small and easy to handle BOSU ball (think of a sturdy half-circle device) is a great item for all sorts of exercises, including balance routines (that target the core and ab muscles), push-ups (the flat side gives you an added platform for more challenging sets), lunges (the rounded side can put the leg at a different angle,  to hit more of the quad and hamstring muscles), and much more!

Above: The BOSU ("BOth Sides Up") ball in use!

Many of those exercises can also be performed with an inflatable exercise ball, that can be deflated for easy travel, plus the ball gives you a base for ab crunches, balance exercises, stretches, and more!

Don't forget such small-size devices as ankle and wrist weights, jump ropes, and medicine balls! These items also take up little space, and are easily transported!

One thing to watch out for when looking for this type of equipment-the "as seen on TV" "quick fix" exercise products! Most of these items promise to immediately fix any problem area, in just seconds of use a day. The reality is that most are ineffective, hard to assemble and use, and just plain worthless. 

When it comes to the portable workout, without a lot of room, think simple.

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